Next Meeting: October 26 – CANCELLED

The October 26th meeting has been canceled. See announcement.

Greetings Fellow Novices,

Our last couple of meetings have been amazing. It may be the book we’re discussing (C.S. Lewis’ book Mere Christianity). It may be we’re sharing so many fascinating thoughts and experiences. It may be the audiovisual aspects (sharing audio clips and photos pertinent to our discussions). It may be the treats. 🙂

Whatever it is, these Novices meetings have been noteworthy. 

So, if you’d like to be part of the fun, you have one more opportunity to do so before the end of the year.

October 26th will be our last meeting of 2022. 

The reason is because the November meeting would fall on the night before Thanksgiving. The December meeting would fall between Christmas and New Year’s. Those are three of the busiest holidays of the year. So we’ve decided to make this month’s Novices meeting our last until January. 

NOTE: We will not finish C.S. Lewis’ book Mere Christianity on October 26th. So we’ll take that up when we reconvene in January.

In our September 28th meeting, we stopped at page 82: “Social Morality.”

So, for our meeting on the 26th, make sure you’ve read “Social Morality” as well as the following three chapters:

Chapter 4 (“Morality and Psychoanalysis”)

Chapter 5 (“Sexual Morality”)

Chapter 6 (“Christian Marriage”)

The rest of C.S. Lewis’ book will have to wait until our January 25th meeting. In fact, read the rest of Mere Christianity for our January meeting. In the three months between now and then, you’ll have plenty of time to finish it. 

We’ll see you on Wednesday, October 26th, at 7pm, at Orchard View Church, which is on the corner of 3-Mile Road and Leffingwell, in the northeast part of Grand Rapids.

Orchard View Church of God 
2777 Leffingwell Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

An easy way to get to Orchard View is via the East Beltline, getting off at the 3-Mile Road exit. Leffingwell is about a mile or two from the intersection of 3-Mile Road and East Beltline. The church is on the south side of 3-Mile Road just off Leffingwell. (Which is another way you could get to the church. Knapp or Leonard to Leffingwell, then north on Leffingwell until you nearly get to 3-Mile Road.)

See you there!

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