NEXT MEETING: March 22, 2023 @ 6pm

It is with great joy that I can announce to you that we have a new meeting place to resume our monthly NSL meeting. It is at the local regional library in Grandville.

For those of you not familiar with where that is, it is in the heart of downtown Grandville–one block south of Chicago Drive. It is right off Wilson Avenue, and the address is 4055 Maple Drive, (a little side street off Wilson Ave. You can also travel west on Chicago Drive, past the traffic light at the corner of Chicago and Wilson, and turn left at the first side street, (Washington St.). This will take you right to the library’s parking lot behind the building. The entrance has wheelchair ramps for those who find using the stairs more difficult. Inside the entrance, the room is about 50 feet straight down the hall. It is called the Babcox & Cook Room. If you choose to park in front, off Maple Drive, and go through the front entrance, you will have to walk all the way through the library to the back corridor for the Babcox & Cook Room.

The room has a conference table that seats 12. There is a flat screen TV and white board, and the possibility of electrical hookups for computer and audio equipment. There is a counter on the side where we can set up snacks, (and, yes, I checked, and it is okay to bring in refreshments, so long as we are scrupulous about cleaning up afterwards, and we don’t try to have elaborate potluck or barbecue dinners.) They have vending machines in the lobby for snacks and beverages. I have booked the room for the next three months and the contact person says all I have to do is call every three months and they will renew our reservation. Now, for the really good news–it’s FREE! That’s right–no charge! So we want to be their very best customers and never give them any cause to regret their generous hospitality.

I am so happy to announce that our next meeting will be Wednesday, March 22, from 6:00 –8:00 PM, (the hours for our group had to be moved up an hour earlier because the library closes at 8:00 PM–but we do get to keep our full two-hour meeting.)

The April meeting is April 26, 2023, at 6:00–8:00 PM.

May meeting is May 24, at 6:00–8:00 PM.

I will send out reminder notices for April and May.

We usually open each meeting with three minutes of silent prayer. For our March meeting, I propose we do ten minutes of silence, in thanksgiving for being able to once again meet, pray, study, and share together. It has been at least six months. Trying to find a new meeting space has been difficult, because we kept getting turned down. We owe the Good Lord a Te Deum–that is, a celebration of thanks. 

 We have been reading and discussing C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity. I would like us to read and discuss the first six chapters of Book Three, (“The Three Parts of Morality”, Pg. 69–thru –“Christian Marriage”, Pg. 104).  

God’s Peace,

Jeff Maskow

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