Next Meeting: June 24th

We had a wonderful time on Zoom last month. So we’re going to do it again!

1. We will meet again via Zoom, rather than in person, on Wednesday, June 24, at 7pm. 

Since there is still a possibility of exposure to COVID-19, we’re not going to risk it by meeting in person. Too soon. So we’ll meet via Zoom again.

Therefore, next week, probably around 5:00pm, we’ll send an e-mail that will contain a link and a code to log in to the Zoom meeting that we’ve set up. That way you’ll have the link in plenty of time to use it. Follow the instructions and join the meeting at 7:00, or slightly before, and we’ll begin shortly thereafter. (Obviously, that means we need your e-mail address. So please get it to us ahead of time.)

2. We will continue to discuss the books Monastic Practices by Charles Cummings and The Rule of Benedict by Joan Chittister. 

For the past few months, we’ve been reading through and discussing two books: Charles Cummings’ insightful, informative book Monastic Practices, and Joan Chittister’s excellent commentary on The Rule of Benedict. If you don’t have the books, they are available as Kindle editions (see links below) so you could obtain them now and be ready to discuss them by next Wednesday. 

In Cummings’ book, we may or may not discuss these chapters:

6. Silence 
7. Short Prayers 
8. Self-Discipline 

In Chittister’s book, we may or may not discuss these chapters: 

55. Clothing and Footwear
56. The Prioress’s or Abbot’s Table 
57. The Artisans of the Monastery 
58. The Procedure for Receiving Members 

We use the phrase “may or may not” because our discussions largely depend on questions asked and answered, or subjects that come up during our chat. So we’ll do a bit of review, and then dive into new material.

3. Where you may obtain the books as Kindle editions:

Charles Cummings – Monastic Practices

Joan Chittister – The Rule of Benedict

4. If you know someone who might grok what we’ll discuss on June 24th, please share this post with him/her.

As long as he/she gets an e-mail to us in time for to including him/her in the Zoom invite, we’re good to go. We welcome all who are interested in exploring Cistercian spirituality, particularly monastic life as it can be lived by lay practitioners like ourselves. 

Hope to see you next week on Zoom!

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