Next Meeting: July 22nd

We’ll meet again on Wednesday, July 22nd, at 7pm…most likely on Zoom.

Jeff will make the call on that when the time comes. (It depends on the current state of health and safety in Michigan. We’re not in any rush to meet in person since several of our members are in the high-risk category and we don’t want them to become another COVID-19 statistic.)

He’ll send out an e-mail a couple of weeks ahead of time to remind you of the July 22nd meeting, and to confirm if we’re meeting on Zoom or not. If that’s the case (and we’re pretty sure it will be), Bill will send out a Zoom invitation a few hours ahead of time.

Here’s what we might discuss next time: 

From Charles Cummings – Monastic Practices
7. Short Prayers
8. Self-Discipline 
9. Watching 

From Joan Chittister – The Rule of Benedict 
59. The Offering of Children By Nobles or by the Poor 
60. The Admission of Priests to the Monastery 
61. The Reception of Visiting Monastics 
62. The Priest of the Monastery 

One of the fun things about our group is the we never know where our discussions will lead. We’re here to enrich our lives, not speed read through a bunch of books!

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