Next Meeting: September 28, 2022 @ 7pm

The September meeting for our group – Novices in the School of Love (NSL) – will take place THIS WEDNESDAY (September 28th) at 7pm in our spiritual home: Orchard View Church of God, which is on the corner of 3-Mile Road and Leffingwell, in the northeast part of Grand Rapids.

Orchard View Church of God 
2777 Leffingwell Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

An easy way to get to Orchard View is via the East Beltline, getting off at the 3-Mile Road exit. Leffingwell is about a mile or two from the intersection of 3-Mile Road and East Beltline. The church is on the south side of 3-Mile Road just off Leffingwell. (Which is another way you could get to the church. Knapp or Leonard to Leffingwell, then north on Leffingwell until you nearly get to 3-Mile Road.)

We will continue our discussion of C.S. Lewis’ classic book Mere Christianity. Last month, the NSL group discussed chapters 3-5 in Book 2 (“What Christians Believe”) in Mere Christianity. So you might want to review those chapters so that we can re-visit them. 

For this week, we will discuss chapters 1-3 in Book 3 (“Christian Behavior”) in Lewis’ book. 

We’ll also enjoy prayer, treats, bottled water, and lots of wonderful spiritual discussions. We’ll close with Compline, which is how Trappist monks all over the world end their days. 

Hope to see you this Wednesday night at 7pm!

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